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"I purchased Whizfolders a few days ago and I must say that I LOVE it. Back in the day, I was a huge fan of the the PC Outliner, "Think Tank". I've used and tried many outliners since, but I must say that Whizfolders is the best I've encountered. I stumbled Whizfolders by shear luck and I'm so glad I did."
-- Jeffrey Sklar
"I really appreciate the responsiveness and the polished piece of work that you've created. I've experimented with a few other notetaking apps in the past few years but Whizfolders is my go-to app for personal notetaking and study. It's a good thing that Whizfolders has been so solid over the years and I hope it continues to work under the upcoming Windows 11. With everyone seeming to want their data to be in the "cloud" these days there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of innovation in new and updated apps in the PC notetaking/PIM category because, I suspect, there isn't a whole lot of money to be made from new users. I, for one, have no interest in making my phone the primary place to store important notes"
-- Marc Renner (note with a recent upgrade order)
"I see this as an amazing information organizational tool. I am planning on building this into my personal information management system. I have had this application for a day and I am really getting my information organized. I may have it a little easier than others because I have a very organized manual (3.5” index card) information back up system. I have been looking for an application that I could use that had flexibility and power but also worked simply to organize my information. I think this is it and I have been typing and copying and creating topics and sub topics and I haven’t hit a snag yet."
-- Steven Horvath
"Used this program for years. There is none better."
-- Blaine Beckett (note on the recent upgrade order)
"Great software, by the way. I have been a user for 7 or 8 years."
-- Alan Huestis
"I have made personally HUGE investment in getting all my notes into WhizFolders. I particularly LIKE the way you can easily interface into and out of RTF versions of the notes, and the integration of Microsoft objects is REALLY important to me."
-- David Burrows
"I should have bought this app earlier. It's really helpful. Many, many years ago I used to write my texts with MaxThink, which I really loved. Now I feel like coming home again. Writing long texts is almost impossible if you only have a normal word processor. The hierarchical writing with Whizfolders can make anybody a writer. You see what's missing and can fill out the holes. You see your own way of thinking and you can correct it easily."
-- Ulf Bro
"I've been an outlining fan for many years and have been arduously tracking essentially all of them. Given the continual evolution of Whizfolders, it has come to the point where I now believe that it is the best surviving two-pane outliner available."
-- Alfred Minotti
"Can I also say that I am very impressed with WhizFolders; it is the type of software I have been looking for over a long period. It is so well thought out, functional and user-friendly."
After a few weeks, "I have been using WhizFolders for some weeks, and the experience just gets better and better. I can be so organised so easily. You did a wonderful job."
-- Graham Harman-Baker
"My husband and I have used WhizFolders for years - and we REALLY like it and find it very useful!!"
-- Barbara Burke
"I was actually pleased to know that WhizFolders is still going strong and in need of an update. I use it whenever I'm doing research for medical scripts, as it's the best method for tracking research, writing the ideas, tracking changed versions and reorganizing the sequence of learning modules. It is still the best program of its kind available."
-- Robert Gengerke
"I just bought your WhizFolders software and I am very happy with it. It is exactly what I was looking for, to create User Manuals for our products."
-- Francesco Mascetti
"I've been using this product for years now and absolutely love it for organizing information."
-- Paul Willis

Some of the Earlier testimonials from long-time users

"I use it for my research and I can't imagine a writing program that is more efficient. It's the perfect tool for any multipotentialite who loves nothing more than to have a tool that organizes and connects the wide range of ideas and thoughts we have floating around in our head."
-- Geoseph Domenichiello
"Whizfolders is superior to anything else I've used, and the addition of the notes organizer and the calendar makes it even better. I write weekly articles for our local paper and this keeps me more organized then ever before."
-- Galen Ray Schwochow
"I mainly use WhizFolders for writing. I work in a specialized healthcare field. For this I use WhizFolders to write technical analyses, government compliance manuals, grant and project proposals, compliance reports and investigations. For the latter category in particular (compliance reports and investigations) I find that the 'templates' feature is invaluable. Templates improve a report or investigation's thoroughness and insure that all aspects are addressed. They also insure a uniformity across all investigations and reports. This not only looks more professional but allows for easier analysis across reports."
-- Jon Polish
"Whizfolders is one of my key professional tools. In a legal career of over 30 years, I have had to be flexible, periodically refreshing my skills and knowledge to survive. Over the past three years, Whizfolders has become for me, an integral part of that process."
-- A senior European lawyer (please read this complete testimonial at the end of the page)
"I just started to use WizFolders and it is so incredibly wonderful I can't believe it. It is so useful and so valuable in helping me organize information that I can't get over it. It is powerful so I am just beginning to learn what it can do but the more I learn, the better it gets. Thank you so much for producing this amazing program."
-- Jack Gerber
"As a published author of two non-fiction business books, I had been looking for many years for a note capturing, RTF editing suite, random topic arranger, outliner, etc. The program that works for me is WhizFolders. The company has kept up with changing technology but not to the extent of veering from the mission to satisfy writers and researchers."
-- Jack Savidge
"What I appreciate is your focus on notes. I'm so tired of programs that start out well-composed but then think that they must add more and more features to become 'multi-purpose' and end up clogging themselves with lots of junk that most users don't need or want. Notes are at the core of what most of us do, and a program that optimizes note-taking and management will always be of great value."
-- Bill Kelly
"I have over the years stored numerous bits of information on WF. I have an extensive list of contractors like good plumbers, electricians, painters, etc. WF also helps with information kept on all the various doctors I have used over the years.

Being able to do a word search digs up information buried for years. I have books, hobby stuff like fly fishing information stored in the attic. I went to the trouble of writing down a keyword or two like zephyr mast years ago. That was in the specs for sailboat mast I bought long ago. I didn't remember the word zephyr but a search brought brought up mast, and then zephyr.

I Also have used the program as an outliner and saved lots of internet articles to the program."
-- Jack McNeary
"I've used and enjoyed WhizNotes for many years and WhizFolders is simply outstanding! You've added all the capabilities that I could have wished for."
-- Jeff Parker
"I find Whizfolders a dream program - so versatile and quick - even with very large files."
-- Edwin Price
"I use Whizfolders on a daily basis and frankly would be "lost" without it. Recently, with Vista, I was having the picture insertion problem and it has been aggraving me for months. After downloading and installing the new version and running the fix menu item - it worked like it used to on XP and I was so pleased! I hope you are planning on keeping that feature in future versions. Thanks for what you do and the art you paint in your masterpiece!
-- Bertie Pittman
"WhizFolders has become an essential tool in my practice and my teaching. As a lawyer, I use it for all kinds of legal research, outlining articles for publication, noting important judgements, structuring notes and outlines for complex drafts and more. As a lecturer, it is invaluable for organizing lectures and lecture notes. Its hyperlinking and web-research capabilities are without parallel."
-- Gautam Patel
"I'm a reporter who uses WhizFolders to organize long stories."
-- Ivan Helfman
"You have an excellent product which is my default tool for documentation and I would not wish to give it up."
-- Trevor Lukey
"This is excellent software. I'm writing a book and I've tried EVERYTHING--... and at least three dozen other programs to help me organize my writing and this is the one program that does everything I wish the others did. You have really covered all the bases."
-- Nino
"Your customer support is great and goes far beyond expectations."
-- Kirk Stromberg
I'm very happy with Whizfolders-- great piece of software!
-- Doug Wilgus
"I am very happy user of Whizfolders. It is the proprietary program which has become my information manager (having now discarded many others)"
-- George Novan
"I love using Whizfolders, it's a perfect fit for so many of my activities. I access it everyday several times a day."
-- Eric Wilson
"I use WhizFolders all the time!
-- James Hays
"Thank you for this great program!
-- Ellen Nuber
"Whizfolders is one of my key professional tools.

In a legal career of over 30 years, I have had to be flexible, periodically refreshing my skills and knowledge to survive. Over the past three years, Whizfolders has become for me, an integral part of that process.

When faced with a new area of law, or a new and difficult issue in a familiar area of law, my strategy is to produce a Manual on the subject or difficult issue. The process of production promotes learning and understanding. When completed, and periodically updated, the Manual is an essential reference resource. As a practitioner, however, I rarely have the time to produce a final form Manual before having to advise or act. So, tactically, my approach is to produce a rough draft, improving and augmenting it, matter by matter. My Manuals are, therefore, ever-improving works of progress. They are never finished. This is not analysis and writing for publication. It is analysis and writing for understanding and reference. It is understanding and learning by synthesis. It is the basis from which I advise clients.

Whizfolders’ features and flexibility are entirely suited for this. The nuts and bolts are straightforward. Where I am trying to understand and learn a new area of law, I identify the major relevant practioners text. I then read its Table of Contents. I identify the points the author considered important by reference to the headings in the Table of Contents. I use those headings to organise my analysis. I make notes under those headings from the text of the work concerned, cross-referencing those notes with other sources and, sometimes, inserting quotes from those other works, including case law. I use the program’s ability to insert hotlinks to insert hotlinks to take me to websites and other sources. As my understanding develops, I sometimes reorganise the material. Whizfolders makes this simple. Sometimes I identify another major work and, having looked at competing structures, produced a synthesis which makes more sense to me, at least. The act of producing the synthesis deepens my understanding. Sometimes, as my state become more enlightened, questions occur to me. I simply list them with notes explaining their relevance. I sometimes incorporate those questions into the Manual, inserting them where they best fit.

Best of all, my developing work product is there as prime reference material, providing a gateway to the published work and learning on the subject.

I use Whizfolders for more mundane but equally important things. It is useful for making To Do Lists, or any list. I sometimes just spew thoughts into a list, so I can move on to other perhaps more immediately pressing things, confident that I will remember the thoughts spewed and return to them. If I go to a conference, I use it for note taking. Before attending a conference last year, I used it to make notes on the advance materials provided and then used those notes on the day, adding further notes."
-- A senior European lawyer who has worked both in private practice and in house