Notes Organizer and Outliner Software

Have you seen the small, introductory Video Clips?

If not, please see them at the top of the Home Page under "Feature Cards."

VIDEO 1: A quick, 1-minute Video that shows how you get a better and faster overview of your notes in a hierarchical list of note titles.

You can keep hundreds of Rich Text Notes neatly organized in a Hierarchical List in different Notebook files. What is more, you can print a nice book of notes where the Table of Contents is created autoamtically from the Tree List of notes. Download the Trial Edition that allows you to create unlimited notes and files to see how well that works.

VIDEO 2: An 8-minute Video that shows the benefits and features you get by outlining your notes in such a hierarchical list. The Video shows some of the uses as a study or research tool, writer's outliner, free format todo list, textual calendar and more.

See how easy it is to create notes and move them around in this powerful Tree List connected to a Rich Text Editor. Once you get the idea, how you use this list is only limited by your imagination.