WhizFolders is now discontinued

Notes Organizer and Outliner Software

My Anti-virus is showing virus alarm on WhizFolders. Or, WhizFolders is deleted from my system after I installed it. What to do?

You should use a proper Anti-virus software that allows running WhizFolders and does not give false alarms or delete the software. Or, you should ask their support to find out how to let WhizFolders run by ignoring its file. We can not do anything as the fault is with that software and not WhizFolders.

Do you have a version for Mac?

No. But some of the customers are successfully using it under VirtualBox, Parallels, and more.

What if my computer crashes and I need to install the software again? How do you help?

First of all, if you save the installer and the license code in a safe place on your computer or on some USB drive, you're already safe. You can use that to reinstall on any computer. Activation does not require Internet connection.

If you lost the installer then please find the Order Email from FastSpring that you got after your original purchase. Click on the download link to see if it works. If the link works, you get a Free Update. Just use the downloaded installer and the license key from the email to reinstall the program. If the link does not work or the program that is installed is an earlier version then you need to buy an upgrade by following the link at the bottom of the Buy Now page on this web site.

How will I get updates for the program?

You can download Free updates for 1 year or even more through the same download link that you get in your Purchase Receipt Email from FastSpring software store. Please make sure that you save a copy of that email message. If one year has expired since your purchase, the download link may not work, and you will need to buy an upgrade from the bottom of the Buy Now page on this web site.

Do I need to uninstall the trial version before installing the paid version? What will happen to the WhizFolder documents I have created with the trial? Will they too get uninstalled?

You don’t need to uninstall the trial version before installing the paid version. It is automatically replaced by the paid edition.

Also your whizfolder documents are never deleted with uninstall. It is very important to understand that WhizFolders does not keep your documents but they are separate .wzfolder files in your file system. The "List of Files" in WhizFolders merely lists them and the list can be modified by the right-click menu.

WhizFolder documents are in proprietary format. How can I make sure that I can read them even if I don't have WhizFolders or if it doesn't work for some reason? Or, how can I give them to someone to read who does not have WhizFolders?

We use a proprietary format because it is our own object database that makes all the power features possible. But we have given features and tools to enable you to read your WhizFolder documents even without WhizFolders software. Please read the following note.

We have a freeware Viewer that we keep updated to read all versions of WhizFolder documents. It is available from the downloads section. You can download a copy and burn it to a CD. You can even give it away with your notes to others so that they can read your document without WhizFolders.

What is more, you can save a complete RTF document copy of your WhizFolder document by using a File menu operation. You can even set this up to be done automatically (in the File Options--Backup) whenever you change and close a WhizFolder document.

I want to ask a technical question.

You can send it to us by the Contact link above. But before that, please search the help file of WhizFolders or the Blog on this web site. You might find the answer quicker.