Buy Once and install on all your Windows 11 / 10 PCs

See "Easy License" below. Note that Windows 7 is no longer supported.

Did you buy WhizFolders in April, 2020 or later?

Easy License, Activation, Reinstallation and Updates

 Buy one copy, install on many computers as long as you are the only user.
 No Internet connection is required for activation. Just save the following 2 items and you can reinstall without contacting us ever.
 Please save the paid version installer and license code in a safe place so that you can reuse it to install again on any computer.
 Be sure to save the Order Email containing the download link and the license code.
 Get free updates from the same download link in the above email for the version that you bought.

Buy WhizFolders 7.5.2

Runs on Windows 11 / 10. We no longer support Windows 7 and 8. Some users are using WhizFolders on Mac with virtual machine software like Parallels.

Single-user license
Price: $29.95 only
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  • Install on many Computers as long as you are the only user. If there are more users, buy one copy per user.
  • Using an old version that you bought earlier? Buy an Upgrade (Renewal) at a discount as described next.

    The upgrade purchase is optional. The version that you bought earlier will continue to run. Please always save the latest paid version installer and keys for reuse. Buy an upgrade only if your version is older and the download link in order email with the subject "Your WhizFolders order confirmation" does not work any more.
All transactions are 100% secure! AvniTech store is hosted on FastSpring, a trusted name in e-commerce. You get several payment choices along with 30-day, no questions asked, Money Back Guarantee. FastSpring Secure Store Order and Billing related queries? Please use this self-support web site on FastSpring: FastSpring Consumer Support.

Upgrade (Renewal) Free or Discounted, for previous version customers

Free Upgrade (are you eligible?): Please find the last Order Email with the exact subject "Your WhizFolders order confirmation..." that you got after your last purchase when you actually paid for the product. Click on the download link to see if it works. Do not use a Support Area email that has a different subject and won't have this feature.

  • If the link works, you get a Free Update. Just use the downloaded installer and the license key from the email to reinstall the program.
  • If the link does not work or the program that is installed is an earlier version then you need to buy an upgrade by following the link below.

Want to order an Upgrade/Renewal straightaway? Just use the following ordering page to purchase at a discounted price. We have seen people use this option even when they are eligible for a free update as described above. Perhaps, they want to show their support. We have many nice users that often do this and we're thankful to them for supporting WhizFolders development all these years.

EASY UPGRADE: The new version does not need Internet. Also, it does not check or insist on the presence of the old version before installing. It will just replace the old version if present. You can continue to use your notes created earlier.