Looking for a Word Processor for Writers?

You should be looking for an Outliner.

Word processors are tools for presentation. They typically have a big linear document where there is little chance of moving your text pieces around. You should rather be using an outlining tool like WhizFolders that allows you to write in pieces first and join these pieces later after working on them to outline, rearrange and discard as necessary. A word processor should be used only in final stages where you improve your text for presentation.

I admire writers. I have been interested in writers and writing for a long time.

There is no doubt that writing is a highly creative process. But when it comes to selecting a writing tool, one often looks for brand name software that today mainly consists of word processors as the only tools for writers. But a word processor is more of a presentation tool than a writer's tool. No, when looking for new ideas and innovative stuff, you must look at relatively unknown products by smaller developers.

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"WhizFolders Organizer" is such a product. Please read more about how WhizFolders helps in writing. You can also download a trial copy and start using it right away.

Don't you start writing with a word-processor

Better writing involves being able to cope with new ideas as and when they strike you. The key to managing your ideas well is to be able to briefly list them, in a hierarchy. You look at the content of a note only when you really need it. You won't find this powerful list metaphor in a word processor.

For effective writing, you should use a tool that allows you to write down your notes in pieces. If you keep on writing in one long-scrolling document using a word processor, it becomes a daunting task to review this long piece later. Instead, you should write in pieces, classifying and keeping each piece of note separately as you go. This helps in many ways. You keep the related pieces together, and that helps you get a better hold on your subject matter or plot as you go. You can move around the pieces later to change their order as your ideas change (as they often do). WhizFolders has all these features and is a perfect tool for any kind of writing. What is more, you can bunch up any number of pieces to make a full manuscript any time. Save your effort in brainstorming new ideas and plots. Use WhizFolders for all your writing.

A word processor is only meant for the final presentation. If you think about it, the writing process involves a free flow of expression from the creative thoughts into words.

Often, when you are writing, another thought related to your writing project comes to you in a flash. In a word processor, you hardly have the features to note that new thought quickly and continue with your writing. What you need is an organizer that allows you to instantly put that new note in a list so that you can easily recall it later.

Do not try to outline too soon

You need to collect your thoughts into words without interruption of any kind. If you pause to fit this into an outline, the free flow of thoughts into words is unnecessarily interrupted. Many experts advise leaving the outlining to a stage when you have no more thoughts coming, a typical writer's block.

WhizFolders is all about managing your bursts of creativity. Collect your thoughts first.

WhizFolders is specially designed for this kind of activity. You just add a note to the list and start writing in it. If another idea strikes you, quickly add another note to the list, write that thought and come back to what you were writing. Don't worry about where that new note fits in the list. Just add it and get over with it. Don't lose it.

Now is the time to outline the pieces

Let's assume, these bursts of thoughts continue to occur for some time and you continue writing them in separate notes. When a pause comes and there are no more thoughts, you look at the list of notes. In WhizFolders, you can just do drag and drop to rearrange your notes. To make a note a child of another note, just drop it over that note.
In addition, you can use the arrow buttons at the top for the same outlining tasks. Finally when your outlining is done, you can join all those pieces together for exporting to a word processor. Your word processor takes over from there not before.

A different approach to outlining

If you have been used to outlining in a word processor, this is different. You just outline the list. The content of a selected note always appears on the right for viewing. Your all-encompassing view of the list of notes is in no way disturbed as in a word processor where the content often appears between the list.

Link related notes just as your mind does!

WhizFolders can also help you link a note with another related note. In fact, this hyperlinking feature is the flagship feature of WhizFolders that makes it stand apart from all other authoring products. There can be many ideas of text applications of WhizFolders software.

WhizFolders does just one thing but does it well

There are many more features and we recommend you to download the trial to try them all. Beware of superficial software products that claim to do lots of things--managing your tasks, appointments, contacts and notes too. It is specially designed to create, collect, manage, outline and review or brainstorm your notes or pieces of writing. Moreover, it gives you the superb ability to connect related notes by hyperlinks that add yet another dimension to your writing skills.
  • "I use it for my research and I can't imagine a writing program that is more efficient. It's the perfect tool for any multipotentialite who loves nothing more than to have a tool that organizes and connects the wide range of ideas and thoughts we have floating around in our head."
    Geoseph Domenichiello

  • "Whizfolders is superior to anything else I've used, and the addition of the notes organizer and the calendar makes it even better. I write weekly articles for our local paper and this keeps me more organized then ever before."
    Galen Ray Schwochow

  • "What I appreciate is your focus on notes. I'm so tired of programs that start out well-composed but then think that they must add more and more features to become 'multi-purpose' and end up clogging themselves with lots of junk that most users don't need or want. Notes are at the core of what most of us do, and a program that optimizes note-taking and management will always be of great value."
    Bill Kelly

  • "This is excellent software. I'm writing a book and I've tried EVERYTHING--... and at least three dozen other programs to help me organize my writing and this is the one program that does everything I wish the others did. You have really covered all the bases."

  • "I use Whizfolders on a daily basis and frankly would be "lost" without it. Recently, with Vista, I was having the picture insertion problem and it has been aggraving me for months. After downloading and installing the new version and running the fix menu item - it worked like it used to on XP and I was so pleased! I hope you are planning on keeping that feature in future versions. Thanks for what you do and the art you paint in your masterpiece!"
    Bertie Pittman

  • "I find Whizfolders a dream program - so versatile and quick - even with very large files."
    Edwin Price

  • "You have an excellent product which is my default tool for documentation and I would not wish to give it up."
    Trevor Lukey

  • "Your customer support is great and goes far beyond expectations."
    Kirk Stromberg

  • "I'm very happy with Whizfolders-- great piece of software!"
    Doug Wilgus

  • "WhizFolders has become an essential tool in my practice and my teaching. As a lawyer, I use it for all kinds of legal research, outlining articles for publication, noting important judgements, structuring notes and outlines for complex drafts and more. As a lecturer, it is invaluable for organizing lectures and lecture notes. Its hyperlinking and web-research capabilities are without parallel."
    Gautam Patel

  • "I am very happy user of Whizfolders. It is the proprietary program which has become my information manager (having now discarded many others.)"
    George Novan

  • "I love using Whizfolders, it's a perfect fit for so many of my activities. I access it everyday several times a day."
    Eric Wilson

  • "I've used and enjoyed WhizNotes for many years and WhizFolders is simply outstanding! You've added all the capabilities that I could have wished for."
    Jeff Parker

  • "I'm a reporter who uses WhizFolders to organize long stories."
    Ivan Helfman

  • "I use WhizFolders all the time!"
    James Hays

  • "Thank you for this great program!"
    Ellen Nuber

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