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New Calendar Diary File for 2021 is now available at the end of this page

Trial Edition runs on Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7

The Trial Edition supports unlimited notes, outlines and most of the features.

Facing Expired Trial problems?

If you get a problem "Trial Expired" and you believe that you haven't tried WhizFolders earlier, please send message by using the Contact link at the bottom. We will try to reset the trial for you.

How to download

Click on the following button and wait for some time till the file download appears in your browser. Please do not click repeatedly. If there is a problem, please download the ZIP file instead given after this.
  Download Trial Edition (Exe File)
  Download Trial Edition (Zip File)

This download gives you a ZIP file. Please open the ZIP file to find installwhizfolders.exe file. Run that to install WhizFolders.
Download FREE User Guide

This User Guide is created with WhizFolders itself by printing to a PDF printer. By having a look at this guide, you will get the idea on how a printout from WhizFolders looks with a neat table of contents, headers, footers and embedded pictures.

Are you a paid customer? Get the Paid Edition Download.

Please find the Order Email from FastSpring that you got after your original purchase. Click on the download link to see if it works. If the link works, you get a Free Update. Just use the downloaded installer and the license key from the email to reinstall the program. If the link does not work or the program that is installed is an earlier version then you need to buy an upgrade by following the link at the bottom of the Buy Now page on this web site.

WhizFolders is flexible! You can easily customize it to make your own text application.

See some examples in the presentation. All the features are included in the trial.

Other Downloads

WhizFolder Viewer utility

This is free software that allows you to view the notes in WhizFolder files.
To download the free Viewer software, please click here. This download gives you a ZIP file. Please open the ZIP file to find installwhizviewer.exe file. Run that to install WhizFolder Viewer.

Download the new Calendar Diary File for 2021 from an article

Get the latest year's Calendar file for WhizFolders

Addons for WhizFolders

Please see Add ons page.