Use of cookies

To access the support sections of this web site, the visitor's browser must be set to allow cookies. In general, AvniTech might use cookies to identify the visitor during a visit or repeat visit to this site. Some cookies may be stored on the visitor's computer. Depending on the browser, the visitor may be able to use separate security settings for per-session cookies and cookies that are stored.

Use of log files

AvniTech may also log the following information about visitors to this web site: IP addresses, browser type, domain names, access times and the number of hits to specific pages within the site. Some page logs may use a third party tracking tool, That tool may use some cookies but it collects no personal information.

The cookies and log files are used for the following purpose:

Use of email messages

At no point, does this web site collect the visitor's name and other personal information unless they voluntarily choose to do so by contacting AvniTech by email or by the form on the support page. Even then, AvniTech does not make this information available to any other individual or organization.

Tracking of registered customers

In addition to the above, a database of licensed users is kept for the purpose of identifying legitimate upgrade and support requests. From time to time, AvniTech may also send news on new version release to licensed customers but these email messages can be unsubscribed.

Our reseller FastSpring Store's Online Privacy Policy

When you purchase from us, you use the order forms and delivery on our own AvniTech Solutions Store located on "FastSpring," a trusted name in e-commerce. The ordering process is fully secure. Any information you provide during purchase is safe with us. You can see the privacy policy of FastSpring here.