Can not insert picture in WhizFolders editor? See this quick solution.

If you insert a picture in WhizFolders editor by the Insert menu or by Copy, Paste, it should work automatically. But if you see an Icon instead, it means that some Graphics program set itself up as the Opener for BMP extension.

Fixing Utility for Trial Edition users:

The steps given in this article work only with "Paid" version of WhizFolders because that menu item is missing in the trial edition. Hence, we have released a small utility that you can use if you are using the Trial Edition and have the same problem.

Please download the following file:

Extract fixbmp.exe from the above zip and "Run as ADMIN" from the right-click menu in Windows File Explorer.

Here are the steps to fix this problem:

1) Click on the Tab “List of files” in WhizFolders.
2) Click on the Tools menu that appears as shown below.

How to fix picture insertion in the editor
How to fix picture insertion in the editor

3) Click on the action “Try to Fix Picture Insertion in Registry.”

4) WhizFolders will ask for confirmation and will fix the registry. It will also tell you Which Program was associated with the BMP extension so that you get an idea.

Please be sure to note down the name of the program that disturbed the BMP extension in Step 4 so that you don’t get into that problem again by saying YES when that program asks to open BMP files automatically. Otherwise, this problem will appear again. Actually, pictures are OLE objects in WhizFolders editor and the OLE needs the above association to work properly.

This problem used to affect Wordpad too but now Wordpad seems to work around it in spite of the registry change. But Microsoft has not posted a solution.

Was earlier posted as “picture shows icon”.