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Take a look at the major distinguishing features of WhizFolders in a section below. Something like word-wrapped outline items sounds simple but is difficult to implement because each item in the list gets a different height. See the screenshot below for an example of such items in the left pane.
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Here is an example. I was making notes from a book on copy writing. I used WhizFolders to deepen my understanding of the subject by organizing the notes in my own hierarchy and sequence.

It often happens when reading a book. The author's hierarchy and the order of the chapters may not match your own learning sequence depending on how much you already know about the subject. Organizing your notes in an outlining list helps a lot to understand the new subject because when you go to review your notes, you find them in the perfect order that you already have in your mind.

What is the advantage of outlining in two panes here?

As you can see above, the left pane contains the hierarchical outlining list showing the titles of the notes. I call these titles "outline items" in the features section. You may have your own term for it, for example, some people know them as headings. The right pane shows the rich text content of the selected note. The advantage here is that you get a better overview of your whole outline with less scrolling because you only see the titles in the outlining list. A word processor shows you the content too in the same list but that requires too much scrolling and takes too much time to load huge outlines. Also, unlike a word-processor outline, each outline level item can have text or note content in it. Please see the presentation later for a more detailed explanation of the advantage of this approach. Also, we do have a "View Combined Outline" feature as described later that helps sometimes to see everything in one list.

Now please take a look at the outline in the left pane above. You can learn many aspects of how outlining helps from this example. The key points are explained below.

How to assimilate new information, breaking it up in manageable chunks

I made the above notes many years back when reading a nice book on copy writing. When I found something worth noting, I made a new note in the outline and put it properly in the hierarchy.

Note that I may not have followed the author's original hierarchy but made my own outline according to what I think fits where. As a result, I now have notes that I can review very quickly. Moreover, if I learn any new tricks that are related, I can insert them quickly in a proper place in the outline.

Reverse thinking, how to write a new book

Now let's take a look at this example from the reverse angle. If you were a writer, you could use this kind of outline to plan a new book on copy writing. You would be noting down thoughts and ideas on copy writing that come to your mind. But in this case, since the thoughts are random, you would be noting them down in different parts of the outline where they really belong. The end result would be quite like this but the sequence of creating the outline may not be same.

WhizFolders gives you features to easily move outline items from one place to another by simple drag and drop or promote/demote buttons. In the end, when you think a book draft is ready, you can print the whole book with the outline automatically converted into a table of contents. Or, you can export the whole or part of the outline to an RTF file for refining in a word processor or for sending to an editor.

Major distinguishing features

I'm not going to list the usual features that you find in many two-pane organizers and outliners. Instead, I'm going to show you unique features that you may not find in other programs. Note that what I call "outline items" in these features are actually the note titles or headings that you see in the left pane above. What you are outlining in WhizFolders are these note titles by arranging them in a hierarchy. The actual note content appears in the right pane when you select a note title.

Word-wrapped outline items

You don't have to horizontally scroll the outlining list to see complete items. Each item is word-wrapped.

Highlighting an outline item

You can highlight specific outline items by changing their highlight color or by changing the icons.

Hoisting and hiding

You can hoist part of an outline to concentrate on it. Other parts of the outline are hidden from you to avoid distraction.

View combined outline

WhizFolders is primarily a two-pane outliner. But at times, you want to view the complete outline along with note contents, indented. Deluxe edition supports this feature.

Pictures, tables and OLE objects

You can insert pictures, tables and OLE objects, such as Excel Spreadsheets. What's the use? You can keep usage notes about the spreadsheet in the same note.

Inituitive copy/pastes

Copy, paste works just the way you would want it to work. If you copy some outline items and paste them in the same or another outline, the child items are automatically pasted. If you paste them in an external application like Microsoft Word, a merged copy is pasted.

Print a draft from full or partial outline

Just select complete or partial outline in the list and do a print or export to get a merged draft that you can use in your word processor for those final finishing touches. Acopy, paste operation can also merge the selected outline items, with or without headings.

Web clippings

When you paste information from a web site, the location is automatically pasted for reference. This is a great way to quickly collect information from the Internet and later research it by using the links pasted with them.

Connect notes with links

You can insert links that allow you to jump from note to related notes. Helps tremendously when reviewing and brainstorming the notes.

Bookmarks for files and web

You can insert links going to external files, folders and web sites. So you can use WhizFolders as a launchpad or bookmark manager with the added feature of keeping helpful notes about those links.

To Do List or Task List

You can turn your outline into a simple, free format To Do List by showing Checkmarks on each item. See the presentation for an example.

Automatic paste (Watch Clipboard)

An outline note item is automatically pasted when you do a copy clipboard in another application. There is no need to switch back and forth between the other application and WhizFolders.

Logical search with AND, OR

You can find one or more notes easly by doing a boolean search for words with AND, OR, NEAR.

Tags or Keywords

Assign Tags (Keywords) to outline items and find them easily. Tags are used to assign relevant terms not present in the actual text of an item.

Precise drag and drop

When dragging items in the outline from one position to another, precise drop marks appear to guide you as to where the dragged items will be dropped. You can drag and drop multiple items and even complete branches of items. See the presentation for a small video on this feature.

Word compatible RTF export

You can export the merged outline in Word compatible RTF or outline format. This helps give fine finishing touches to your final draft in Word.

Audit Database

You can recover old or accidentally deleted notes from a "changed notes" database.

  • "I use it for my research and I can't imagine a writing program that is more efficient. It's the perfect tool for any multipotentialite who loves nothing more than to have a tool that organizes and connects the wide range of ideas and thoughts we have floating around in our head."
    Geoseph Domenichiello

  • "Whizfolders is superior to anything else I've used, and the addition of the notes organizer and the calendar makes it even better. I write weekly articles for our local paper and this keeps me more organized then ever before."
    Galen Ray Schwochow

  • "What I appreciate is your focus on notes. I'm so tired of programs that start out well-composed but then think that they must add more and more features to become 'multi-purpose' and end up clogging themselves with lots of junk that most users don't need or want. Notes are at the core of what most of us do, and a program that optimizes note-taking and management will always be of great value."
    Bill Kelly

  • "This is excellent software. I'm writing a book and I've tried EVERYTHING--... and at least three dozen other programs to help me organize my writing and this is the one program that does everything I wish the others did. You have really covered all the bases."

  • "I use Whizfolders on a daily basis and frankly would be "lost" without it. Recently, with Vista, I was having the picture insertion problem and it has been aggraving me for months. After downloading and installing the new version and running the fix menu item - it worked like it used to on XP and I was so pleased! I hope you are planning on keeping that feature in future versions. Thanks for what you do and the art you paint in your masterpiece!"
    Bertie Pittman

  • "I find Whizfolders a dream program - so versatile and quick - even with very large files."
    Edwin Price

  • "You have an excellent product which is my default tool for documentation and I would not wish to give it up."
    Trevor Lukey

  • "Your customer support is great and goes far beyond expectations."
    Kirk Stromberg

  • "I'm very happy with Whizfolders-- great piece of software!"
    Doug Wilgus

  • "WhizFolders has become an essential tool in my practice and my teaching. As a lawyer, I use it for all kinds of legal research, outlining articles for publication, noting important judgements, structuring notes and outlines for complex drafts and more. As a lecturer, it is invaluable for organizing lectures and lecture notes. Its hyperlinking and web-research capabilities are without parallel."
    Gautam Patel

  • "I am very happy user of Whizfolders. It is the proprietary program which has become my information manager (having now discarded many others.)"
    George Novan

  • "I love using Whizfolders, it's a perfect fit for so many of my activities. I access it everyday several times a day."
    Eric Wilson

  • "I've used and enjoyed WhizNotes for many years and WhizFolders is simply outstanding! You've added all the capabilities that I could have wished for."
    Jeff Parker

  • "I'm a reporter who uses WhizFolders to organize long stories."
    Ivan Helfman

  • "I use WhizFolders all the time!"
    James Hays

  • "Thank you for this great program!"
    Ellen Nuber

Here is an interesting Presentation on how you can use the outlining features in this note-taking software in many different ways--for writing, for learning, as a textual calendar, and a to do list.

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