Powerful note organizer and outliner for Windows

Get WhizFolders, a list-based Outliner and Organizer for all your notes, ideas and writing projects. WhizFolders helps you think, write and learn faster and better.

Take a look at the Concept Tour on the right. Also see another tour later on this page under "Use WhizFolders in many different ways. Make your own application."

WhizFolders, note organizer and outliner for Windows
The above screenshot shows some notes I outlined in WhizFolders when I was researching the copy writing articles from a few books. I used WhizFolders software to deepen my understanding of the subject by outlining the thoughts that occurred to me in this process. If you want more details on how it helped, please see the use of WhizFolders as outlining software.

Take a look at all the innovative features. Many of them are based on the brilliant ideas of our customers.

  • Two pane, tabbed views of note files
  • Multiline, word wrapped list of note titles
  • Search for notes by multiple words
  • Watch clipboard to collect new notes faster
  • Tick marks to make Todo or Task lists
  • Assign keyword tags
  • Easy drag and drop outlining
  • Powerful rich text (RTF) editor, supports tables, pictures
  • Links between notes for easy review
  • Color note titles to make them stand out
  • Flexible import, export features, more...

Use this flexible program in many ways:

  • For organized writing, study and research
  • For random note taking and information management
  • Create your own journal, tasks list or bookmark application as described below in "Make your own application."

Convenient two-pane design:

  • A note is called a "Topic" here. A topic has a "Title" and a "Content."
  • Topic titles appear in a Hierarchical Topics List in the left pane.
  • Select a topic in this list and its content appears in the right pane.
  • This design opens even large files fast because only Topic Titles are loaded first.
  • Topic content can have rich text, pictures and even OLE objects.
  • Use an in-place quick content editor or a full screen editor with Tabbed Pages.
  • Create as many WhizFolder files as you want, each with its own Topics List.
  • Manage these files like any other files by using Windows Explorer.

Powerful outlining features:

  • Outline your topics in the Hierarchical List by dragging their titles.
  • Move and Duplicate topics by simple drag and drop.
  • Merge and Export multiple topics for your word processor.
  • The feature to Hoist a branch is available in the Deluxe Edition.
  • The feature to View Merged Outline is available in the Deluxe Edition.

Flexible printing features:

  • Print all or multiple selected topics to get a merged printout.
  • Customize printing of topic titles, header and footer text, etc.
  • Print an automatic hierarchical Table of Contents.
  • See the WhizFolders User Guide prepared this way by printing to a PDF printer.
Software for
Windows 8.1/8, Windows 7,
Windows Vista, XP, 20XX
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Version 6.6
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"It is by far the most valuable software I have purchased in the last two years,..."
See comments and testimonials by the users.

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WhizFolders note organizer and outliner for Windows
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Blog: WhizFolders, Articles and tips

Find topics quickly by various means:

  • Search for multiple words with "and, or" type options.
  • Find and replace exact text in topic titles and content.
  • Assign Keyword Tags to the topics to find them in yet another manner.
  • Mark important topic titles by "icons or different colors" in the list to have your own status indicators. For example, a pink colored topic title can indicate an unfinished topic or task.

Collect information from various sources:

  • Directly paste information in the Topics List to make new topics automatically.
  • Switch on an option that also pastes the "original web address" of the content you pasted from a browser. This can be handy to make an automatic reference or citation.
  • Use the "Watch Clipboard" feature to rapidly collect information into topics. The same feature can be used to break up a big document into topics easily.
  • Import whole text and RTF files as topics. Breaking of large files into topics also possible by inserting delimiters.
  • A separate Import Utility is also available that we develop actively based on the needs of the users to import outlines from various applications.

Make your own application:

  • Insert "hyperlinks" going from one topic to another. Such hyperlinks can be inserted in the Topics List too. By using this feature, you can make extremely useful documents that are easy to review because the related information can be found by following a link.
  • Make your own powerful "Bookmark Applications" by using the extensive hyperlinking features that can open external documents, folders or web sites. The advantage with WhizFolders is that you can attach detailed notes on your links, a feature that casual bookmark applications may not provide.
  • Switch on the check marks document option to display tick marks on the topics list. You can use these tick marks for any purpose, for example, to make a tasks list.
  • Make a "Journal or Diary application" by setting up the new topic titles to automatically get the current date and/or time.
  • Search for a "Calendar file" in the blog to see how useful a hyperlinked calendar can be.
  • Extend the power of your other programs by attaching WhizFolder notes to them by the Universal Links feature.
  • Get more details on these application ideas later under "Use WhizFolders in many different ways."

Use WhizFolders to jump start your Writing projects. Outline your next writing project in the powerful hierarchical list of WhizFolders.

The following picture shows the powerful hierarchical list in WhizFolders. You can keep your outline topics as individual pieces that you can organize, outline and move around with ease by simple drag and drop.
Note software and outliner for Windows

You can have many WhizFolder files of notes, one per subject.

Have one file of notes per subject.

WhizFolders is RTF compatible with Microsoft Word so you can always merge several topics to make a big document in rich text for your word processor.

Many notes joined in RTF copied to the clipboard and pasted in a word processor, Word

A picture of Microsoft Word with a merged notes document pasted from WhizFolders

Indented RTF export to an RTF file

Indented RTF export to an RTF file

A picture of Microsoft Word with an indented export file from WhizFolders

View outline feature in the Deluxe Edition

View outline feature in the Deluxe Edition

Use WhizFolders in many different ways. Make your own application. See some examples below.

WhizFolders, note organizer and outliner for Windows
The combined power of a Hierarchical List, a free format Rich Text Editor and outstanding Hyperlinking Features is what makes WhizFolders unique. These three features allow you to use WhizFolders for hundreds of purposes.
  • Powerful lists for everyday tasks:

    You need all kinds of lists whether they are things to do, recipes, movies, songs, accounts, and so on. In WhizFolders, the list can be hierarchical and you can assign color or icons to items to find the stuff that you want easily. Besides, you can have check marks on the lists to keep track of things done or not done. Lists can also have direct hyperlinks to web sites or other files on your file system.
  • Your own bookmarks with extensive notes attached to them:

    When you collect web site links in other applications, you hardly get features to put useful notes attached to them. Keep your web site links in a WhizFolder list and you can attach any kinds of notes to them, user names, passwords and so on. You can even protect such a file with a password. You can even use this bookmarking system to bookmark other documents or files on your file system. For example, one list item can open a particular file system folder for you.
  • Meeting notes, organized from the instant you make them:

    Make different threads or hierarchy of notes for each discussion that takes place. Review your meeting notes faster and add agenda notes later as needed. Switch on the checkbox feature for the document so that you can tick off your agenda items as you finish them.
  • Brainstorm your Research notes better:

    Working on a new design for a software? Researching some subject? Making legal case notes? Make sense of your thoughts by outlining them in the hierarchical list. Move thoughtful notes around with drag and drop and arrange in a hierarchy till they make sense. Put hyperlinks in related notes to jump from note to note. Set relationship between a group of notes by keyword tags. Collect research text from the web or other applications by automatic clipboard collection where you go on copying stuff and it pastes automatically as a separate note in your WhizFolder document.
  • Boost your learning process when studying new material:

    When learning new stuff, make your own concise notes in topics and put them in a sequence as per your understanding which would be different from that in the book. Hyperlinks help to jump from one note to another related tip note. Often when you are reading one part of a new book, you understand something that you read in in an earlier chapter. Finding that earlier note in a hierarchical list and updating it is easier in an outliner like WhizFolders. Studying a new book in PDF format is is specially helpful when using WhizFolders. You can use automatic clipboard collection to collect snippets, pictures, tables from the book and then add your own notes to them later.
  • Keep a diary or journal where you can find things easily:

    The best reason for keeping your diary or journal in WhizFolders is its hyperlinking capability. Please go the Blog and download a calendar file to see how hyperlinks can help you jump quickly to next week, next month and so on.
  • Portability, carry your notes with WhizFolders and work on them anywhere:

    The Deluxe Edition of WhizFolders allows you to copy it to a portable drive. Then you can carry WhizFolders along with your notes to use on any computer whether at work, school or home.
These are just some of the ideas. Once you start using WhizFolders, you will find your own unique use of it as many of our users did (please see testimonials).

This demo needs Adobe Flash Player

You need to download and install it from the following web site link:

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Make your own text applications with WhizFolders

Features that help you retain and recall all kinds of information in rich text:

Keep your notes well organized in special WhizFolder documents. These documents have an easy two-pane interface where you keep your notes organized in a powerful hierarchical list in the left pane and view the content of a note in the right pane. This approach gives many other benefits too. For example, the document opens very fast. See the next feature to know why.
Fast loading of documents: Even huge documents containing thousands of topics are easy to manage with WhizFolders. This is made possible by the two pane approach where the list of topics is opened very fast, and you see the content of a topic only when necessary.
Powerful Rich Text content viewer and editor: In the right pane, you get a powerful rich text viewer and editor. The viewer supports showing special hyperlinks in the content of your topics. The editor uses Microsoft RichEdit
Shouldn't you be able to exchange
rich text easily with other RTF editors
like Microsoft Word?

Yes, you certainly need that facility. After all, we all like to use several tools when using Windows. Different tools do different jobs well.

Here comes the good part. WhizFolders uses Microsoft RichEdit control. The idea is that we want you to easily exchange RTF text with Microsoft Word, Wordpad and other RTF editors.

Click Here to read more on this.
and provides a nice formatting toolbar to format your text. In addition you can insert pictures, tables or even OLE objects.
Intuitive add, insert operations: This hierarchical list of topics is also called an outline, especially by writers. Developing an outline helps you brainstorm your ideas faster. In WhizFolders, adding new topics to develop the outline is easy. You can insert topics anywhere by pressing an Insert key or add a new child to an existing topic by clicking the appropriate button. If you make a mistake, renaming or changing the levels is also simple by the intuitive drag and drop, promote/demote features described later.
The Hierarchical list of notes is easy to manage with drag and drop: You can move around your note titles (called Topics) in this hierarchical list by drag and drop. Easy drop marks help you precisely control where the topics are dropped. You can drag and drop multiple topics and even complete branches of topics. All this is made possible by a powerful outlining list that has been developed over many years.
Easily change the level of a topic in this hierarchy or outline: Use the Promote and demote buttons to change the level of selected sibling topics within the tree. Although, drag and drop above can also promote and demote, we have easy buttons for this purpose too. Just select the sibling topics and click on the Indent-Right (demote) button to make them children of the preceding topic. Promote or Indent-Left works in a similar fashion.
Duplicate a part of the outline: If you want to duplicate a topic or even whole branches of topics, just select them and do a copy paste on the outlining list. You can also do a drag and drop with the Ctrl key pressed.
Powerful Hyperlinks to connect your topics: Insert hyperlinks going to other related topics in the content of a topic. Gives you unlimited possibilities to make your documents much more useful. You can even generate Universal Links that you can put in any other application (like MS Word) that supports links so that you open a particular WhizFolder document, positioned on a topic by clicking on the universal link in that other application. This completes the picture. You have links going in both directions, from WhizFolders to other application's documents or from other applications back to WhizFolders.
Make your own bookmark and favorites utilities: You can even have hyperlinks going from the topic list directly. So you can turn your topic list in a kind of Bookmark Utility, Favorites list or a master index of all your documents. Even importing the Favorites from Internet Explorer is supported.
Paste content in a variety of ways: Pasting content from other applications is easy too. Just click on a paste and a new topic is pasted and its title is automatically made up from the first line of the content. There is an option to paste the Web Location of the content too when you copy and paste from Internet Explorer.

Automatic pasting is supported too where you simply go on copying content and WhizFolders goes on adding one topic for each in the background.
Boolean Search: You can find a set of topics easly by doing a boolean search for words with AND, OR, NEAR.
Keyword Tags: Deluxe edition allows you to Assign Keywords to topics to find them easily by keyword tags.
Export or Copy/Paste complete or partial set of notes in RTF format for use in your Word Processor. Export to Word Outline format or HTML is also supported with certain limitations.

Others can read your notes with a reader software, WhizFolder Viewer, that you can distribute with your notes. You can even make a self-running e-book containing a WhizFolder document.
Make your own To-do lists with check marks feature Switch on an option to show check marks against your topic list to mark finished topics.
Also, an auto numbering feature can turn the topic list into a numbered outlining list so that it attaches a content number to each topic similar to table of contents.
Color topic titles for any purpose, for example, to give relative importance to them. Another use can be to mark them with custom status, for example, all red topics are important, yellow topics are to be developed further, cyan topics are to be deleted later, and so on.
View Combined Outline, advanced outlining feature: A separate Combined Outline View is also supported in the Deluxe edition that shows the content of the topics, indented in the same list.
Hoisting, advanced outlining feature: Deluxe Edition also allows you to "hoist" a part of the outline so that you can concentrate on a branch of the outline to develop it further. We have improved it a lot in the latest version.
Insert canned text with templates: In the Deluxe Edition, you can make templates of the text that you often want to insert. Even rich text templates are supported with fields.
Brainstorm your ideas better with multiple window authoring:You can have multiple documents open on your desktop, each remembering its position for the next session. WhizFolders has many such innovative features.
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BONUS FEATURES: You get these additional features on top of the above outlining features:

  • Spelling Checker and Thesaurus
  • Password protection (in paid version)
  • Flexible settings--vertical panes, multiple windows, desktop restore and more
  • In the Deluxe Edition, you can make templates of the text that you often want to insert. Even rich text templates are supported with fields.
Great price! The Deluxe Edition costs $49.95 and Pro Edition costs $25 only. See compare editions. Fully functional 15-day trial of the Pro edition is available.

You can count on Professional Support: A nice tutorial gets you started in minutes! There are flash tutorials and Blog on the web site too with useful articles and explanations of various features. We also have a self-service web site to get the minor release updates.

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