Can I edit two topics side by side in different editor windows?

There are many features in WhizFolders for editing in separate windows. I assume that you already tried the advanced editor that opens topics in a tabbed editor window. Now here are some more tricks that show how flexible WhizFolders is.

Please try all these neat tricks that show different aspects of starting an editor:

  • When the two topics are open in the advanced tabbed editor, right-click on the menu “New Editor Window.” This will transfer that topic to a new editor window. You can then arrange the two editor windows the way you want, side by side.
  • If you want these two topics to remember their position, right-click on “Pin this topic” on both of them so that the menu is ticked (switched on). Now whenever you open these topics, they will open in their remembered positions.
  • Click on the menu “Settings–List–Starting” and switch on the option “Open a topic in a separate editor window.” Once you do that, each click on advanced editor opens that topic in a separate editor window.
  • You can even have all such open topic editors automatically restored on the next open of the document by “remember everything” option on the above page.
  • You might have noticed that if you double-click on a topic name in the topic list (or hit the Enter key on it), it starts a quick editor in the right pane. What if you always want to open an advanced editor on a double-click? To do that, you can switch off an option in “Settings–General–Editor.” The option is “Start Quick Edit on Enter key.”