Searching for multiple words in many WhizFolder files

Question: How do you search through multiple files for a word or sentence?

Go to List of Files tab. Then use the Search menu or button to search. It allows you to search in multiple selected files in the list. You can separate the words with logical AND or OR keywords. Complete help on the syntax is available on the Help button of the Search screen.

How do you search through all your WhizFolder files?

Make sure that all of them are listed in List of Files. Then search as described above.

How do you include missing WhizFolder files in the List of Files for performing a search through all of them?

Normally, the most used files are already in that list. Here are some tips on adding other WhizFolder files to the list.

  • Open by File Open or from Windows File Manager by double-clicking on file names.
  • Right-click and use Add File.
  • Drag and drop from Windows File Manager to list of files.
  • Search your entire computer by Windows Search feature for *.wzfolder files. When the list appears, select them all and drag and drop to the List of Files.