A note for existing users upgrading to WhizFolders 7

If you have been using a previous version of WhizFolders, please note the following points:

1. If you are an existing user, you can either get the new WhizFolders 7 free or at a discounted price based on your purchase date. To do that, please login to support.avnitech.com with your email address.

2. Let WhizFolders 7 install in its own location and do not overwrite your old version by changing the location during the install. This way, you can run both new and old versions till you decide to uninstall the old one.
Explanation: WhizFolders 7 can coexist with an earlier version because it installs in a separate folder and uses separate locations for its settings. At the same time, it tries to import your old settings. This message also appears when you start the installation for the first time on a machine, and it detects presence of an old version.

3. Make a copy of all your WhizFolder files to a safe location before using with WhizFolders 7.
Explanation: We have thoroughly tested WhizFolders 7 but it’s a major new release. It’s a good idea to copy all your WhizFolder files to another folder in case the new version causes any problems. You can use Windows File Manager to copy WhizFolder files just like any other files.

4. Let us know if you had customized toolbars but can’t see the customization when you switch to Old toolbars in WhizFolders 7.
Do not uninstall the old version if you had customized toolbars and see this problem. If the migration didn’t work properly, we can still recover the old toolbars for you.

Had a disk crash? Lost WhizFolders? Want to reinstall on a laptop?

Login to the self-support web site support.avnitech.com to get the download again and reinstall the program. Depending on your purchase date, you may need to buy an upgrade to continue getting this facility to get the latest version.

This takes care of installing WhizFolders. What about your documents?

You should have kept a backup copy of all your .wzfolder files by using simple copy from Windows Explorer. WhizFolders also includes a simple backup feature that allows you to copy a document to a safe location from time to time. Whatever method you choose, you alone are responsible for keeping a safe copy of your files not only for WhizFolders but for other applications too.

When you reinstall WhizFolders on a new machine, put your files in a documents folder of your choice. Then, just double-click on a file name to open it in WhizFolders and it is automatically added to the list of files. Do that for all your files. Or, add them all at once by the right-click menu operation “Add File to List.” You are all set to go. Don’t forget to continue keeping a copy of the files in case it happens again. We can help you reinstall the program but we can’t help you get back your files.

Using Dropbox is a great idea. Please search Dropbox in this blog to get other useful articles on how to use Dropbox for WhizFolder files.

Check for updates

Question: How do I know if a new update is available?

Just use the “Version check” button on the top right of WhizFolders or use the Updates menu. The button changes to inform you of new updates.