Date: September 26, 2016

Press Release - WhizFolders introduces a new way to Outline in a list of note titles

It has long been established that Outlining helps in all kinds of thinking and planning activities related to writing, research, teaching, learning and information management. Yet, one often associates outlining with word processor software. But few people realize that outlining in one long document in a word processor is cumbersome. It's difficult to scroll, locate and select text blocks in a long document in order to move them around in the hierarchy of an outline. The paradigm of a long document in a word processor hinders with the process of outlining. As a result, newcomers to outlining often shy away from it after trying it out in a word processor. This is sad because everyone of us can benefit greatly from outlining of information. Outlining is a process that can improve productivity tremendously in a variety of writing and thinking tasks.

WhizFolders Outliner presents outlining in a different way. A hierarchical list of note titles presents a quick overview of the outline where one needs to scroll less in order to see the complete outline. This also makes it easier to outline the information by dragging the note titles around in the list rather than moving big text blocks. The actual text attachment of the note titles moves along with them, properly maintaining the parent-child relationship where the child notes move along with the parent notes. Although the notes are managed individually as pieces in the list, they can always be merged when exporting to make a whole document out of the outlined pieces.

Another advantage of outlining the note titles in a list is the ability to select multiple items for moving even if they are placed apart in the list. Such multi-selection is not possible in a linear word processor document. Multiple selection also allows to export a merged document from any set of notes in the list. This can have many uses. For example, if a teacher prepares a list of questions in an outline, he can select notes from any part of the list and merge them to make a question paper.

When it comes to adding new information in the outline, it's easier to locate the target because less scrolling is involved in locating that target in the list of note titles. New information can also be pasted from other applications and there is a feature to auto-collect new pasted text from the clipboard immediately. This helps in rapidly building up a collection of notes for doing further research. In addition, when the information is pasted from a web site, the source location is automatically pasted with it as a link so that one can easily track the original source of all such text.

Outlining and organizing go hand in hand. The powerful outlining list in WhizFolders doubles up for use as a powerful organizer of notes. There are features to highlight a note title by color, assign a custom icon, assign keyword tags, do boolean search and more. The users of WhizFolders come from a variety of disciplines--writers, managers, lawyers, doctors, researchers, teachers, students and more. The free format but rich text nature of the notes is useful to outline and organize all kinds of information. No structure is enforced as in a database. This does not hinder any creativity when it comes to creating all kinds of notes.

WhizFolders Outliner runs under Windows 10 and on earlier versions of Windows, both 32-bit and 64-bit. The product can be purchased from the web site A free trial can also be downloaded there.

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