Windows 10 rich editor’s table features

Earlier, in a post, I had written why we use Microsoft RichEdit instead of third party editors. Well, we are starting to see more advantages.

If you are using WhizFolders on Windows 10, you get these table features automatically!

Insert table by dashes and plus signs Just enter a line of dashes denoting the columns and hit Enter at the end of the line to get the table.


For example, if you enter the above line and hit enter at its end, you get a table with the column boundaries defined by plus signs. Earlier, you had to use the table tool for doing that.

Add more rows: Just hit Enter after putting the caret at the end of one row and you get another row. Or, you can also hit Tab key when in the last column. Otherwise a tab advances you to next column and a shift-tab goes back one column.

Resize columns directly in the editor: You can resize columns by using the mouse directly in the editor. Earlier, you had to use the table tool for that.

Table tool in WhizFolders might still be useful in some cases: Table tool need not be used now for the above features in Windows 10. It was mainly implemented for inserting and resizing the tables by using a third party tool. But it may still be useful in cases where you want to insert or delete columns. If you discover a trick in Windows 10 that lets you do that too, please let me know.