Save Windows 7 Sticky Notes in a WhizFolder file

Windows 7 Sticky Notes is a neat, little application. But it is often difficult to find a note within it if you have many overlapped sticky notes on your desktop. I have now made a FREE program Sticky7List that saves all the sticky notes in a WhizFolder file. Once you do that, you get all the power of WhizFolders to search, print or export these sticky notes.

This program has been retired as it doesn't work on Windows 10.


I got an email from a WhizNote user today and noticed that we don’t have any mention of WhizNote on this blog. This is a glaring omission because WhizNote is my original program on which WhizFolders is based. This prompted me to add this history on WhizNote.

WhizNote was originally a 16-bit program but we added some clever 32-bit thunking code to make it use the new file open dialogs on Windows 98 and XP too.

The files that WhizNote creates were originally called “WhizNote” documents and hence we assigned an extension .WZN to them. For some trademark related issues, we had to use the new term WhizFolders for the documents and for the newer program. So you can consider a WZN file as a WhizFolder document in an old format.

You can open these .WZN files in WhizFolders too by using its File–Open menu. It gives you a choice to either open them read-only or lets you convert them to the new .WZFOLDER format. This makes it convenient to transfer your old WhizNote notes to WhizFolders.