Now you can see the keywords assigned to a topic

Another new feature in WhizFolders is the keywords panel below the topic viewer that shows the keyword tags assigned to a topic. Here is a picture:

Keywords assigned

As soon as you click on the bottom tab “Keywords for above topic,” a panel opens that shows the keywords assigned to the topic shown in the viewer. You can even pin this by the Pin icon as I have done in this picture. Then the panel stays that way and goes on showing keywords assigned to each topic that you view in the viewer.

Assign Keywords to topics and selected text

Sometimes, a topic may not actually contain the word that you want to associate with it. For example, a topic may be related to “marketing” but doesn’t have the actual word “marketing” in it. You can assign a custom keyword “marketing” to all such topics.

List of keywords in the document

All such keywords appear in a collapsible frame on the right of the document from where you can select any keyword and go to the topics or topic text assigned to that keyword. For example, the picture above shows the keywords from the WhizFolders tutorial document. If we click on the “Editing a document” keyword, it will show all the keywords assigned to it and we can then go to any of those topics as shown in the following picture.

topics assigned to a keyword

Keywords can point to the text within topics too. For example, you can select the text “selling idea” occurring in a topic and assign a keyword “marketing” to it. Then it will be attached to the keyword “marketing” in the keywords list.

Note that although we call these “keywords,” you can call them anything. They can also serve as bookmarks to various topics and positions in the document.

New feature to see assigned keywords directly: In the new version, you can directly see keywords assigned to a topic in the right pane. In the earlier version, this could be done only by going into the manage keywords screen. Please read more about this feature in this Blog article.