Update 7.1.5 now available

June 13, 2016 (699)

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This version fixes some link related problems and adds a new Editor button to clear the formatting.

Link related problems in Windows 10 RichEdit

These problems were related to the link formatting feature in RichEdit that was broken on Windows 10. As a result, it was not possible to type in normal text beyond the inserted links as in earlier Windows. We had to code some complex workaround solutions for these problems. Also, if you previously saw an intermittent problem that the links within notes sometimes stopped working, this version fixes those problems too.

A new editor button has also been added to clear the formatting

You can select some text and use this button to clear all the formatting and restore the font to the default font. Nice thing is that it doesn’t disturb any pictures or other objects that occur within the selected text. So to restore a complete topic to the default font, you can simply Edit–Select All and then use this button.


The above is just an overview. To get low level details, please seeĀ Update 7.1.5 notes.

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