The Reliability Release, version 7.1.4

April 5, 2016 (680)

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We just released a new version 7.1.4 that improves reliability of data as well as web server services used for activating licenses and informing users of updates. Please read the details below. If you are already using the paid version of WhizFolders 7, you will get the download location of the new version from Updates–Check for Updates menu.

Web services improved: If you have been reading the blog, we had a major server failure for a week due to a DDos attack on the web server. This affected the version check feature in WhizFolders as well as access to the automated user support area. In the past few weeks, we have worked hard to make web services such that now the application is not affected by web service failures. In case of a primary service failure, a backup web service provides the desired version check information or activation license. Also, an additional user support area at is now available which you can access in case you can not connect to the original one at Please make a note of the backup address. The whole idea is that even if the main web site goes down and our sales are affected, we ensure that the services to our paid customers remain uninterrupted.

Backup button added: The “Backup” button now appears on the toolbar so that you can quickly make a backup copy of the current WhizFolder file that you are working on. On a related note, there is a nice “Recover data from changed notes” database feature on the Edit menu. This feature has been there for a long time but many users may not know about it. The changed notes feature keeps a copy of your changed and deleted notes in a special database that is an additional topic level backup automatically available to you.

Internal recovery revamped: The internal logic to recover data from a corrupted WhizFolder file is completely revamped. It now uses a backup topic list to recover. The corruption may occur due to power failures and unexpected shut downs. In case, it can’t recover the data, you can also ask for assistance from us where we use some advanced techniques. This, in addition to changed notes database feature and backup copy feature, will ensure a nice set of tools to recover from any data loss.

Improvement in topic position retention: If you move to another topic and back in quick editor, it now tries to retain the earlier position irrespective of the “Starting” settings for the file. Earlier it worked that way only on “Remember everything” setting.

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