Windows 10 rich editor’s table features

January 19, 2016

Earlier, in a post, I had written why we use Microsoft RichEdit instead of third party editors. Well, we are starting to see more advantages.
If you are using WhizFolders on Windows 10, you get these table features automatically!
Insert table by dashes and plus signs Just enter a line of dashes denoting the columns and hit [...]

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A note for existing users upgrading to WhizFolders 7

November 25, 2015

If you have been using a previous version of WhizFolders, please note the following points:
1. If you are an existing user, you can either get the new WhizFolders 7 free or at a discounted price based on your purchase date. To do that, please login to with your email address.
2. Let WhizFolders 7 install [...]

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Why we use Microsoft RichEdit as the note editor in WhizFolders

October 29, 2015

In WhizFolders, we avoided using any other RTF or HTML editor control from other companies. We decided to use Microsoft RichEdit control as the note editor in spite of the fact that it is quite complex to use, especially for OLE stuff like displaying pictures. Why did we go to all that trouble? The idea [...]

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What are WhizFolder files

October 28, 2015

This is not an introductory article on WhizFolders. You should read it only after you have used WhizFolders for a while. The purpose is to remove some misconceptions about how notes are stored in WhizFolders. Even if you are an experienced user of WhizFolders, you will find some useful information below.
A WhizFolder file is like [...]

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Backup features in WhizFolders

September 25, 2015

Before you read this article: You should know that WhizFolders saves a copy of a note whenever you save changes or delete that note. You can see these copies in the Changed Notes program that is accessible from the menu Edit–Recover Information from Changed Notes Archive. This database is deleted when it’s over 100 MB [...]

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Outline numbering features, their limitations and workarounds

March 3, 2014

Outlining in the topic list is the “recommended” approach in WhizFolders because it gives you the power to rearrange your outline by the easy “Move” buttons or by simple drag & drop of multiple topics, including their children.
Is it possible to automatically number the topic titles?
The topic titles serve as headings for an outline. [...]

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Use organizing features in WhizFolders creatively

August 2, 2013

There are some key advantages of using WhizFolders for organizing your notes and ideas:

You can arrange the note titles in a hierarchy, often with a simple drag and drop.
A note in WhizFolders is in free rich text format, there is no rigid data entry screen that limits you.
You can insert links going from one note [...]

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Import utility updated to version 3.2

May 24, 2013

Over the years, I have received requests from the users asking for solutions to import notes and outlines into WhizFolders from their files in various formats. Sometimes these files were created by exporting notes from other organizers and outliners. Hence, I had developed an Import utility to do that. Note that this utility is meant [...]

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Save Windows 7 Sticky Notes in a WhizFolder file

January 11, 2012

Windows 7 Sticky Notes is a neat, little application. But it is often difficult to find a note within it if you have many overlapped sticky notes on your desktop. I have now made a FREE program Sticky7List that saves all the sticky notes in a WhizFolder file. Once you do that, you get all [...]

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Make an application and document launcher with WhizFolders

November 3, 2011

In a previous article, I showed you how you can make your own bookmark or favorites application where you can attach detailed notes to the bookmarks to help you remember why you created them.
Here I will show you how you can make an Application or Document launcher utility with WhizFolders with the added advantage that [...]

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