If you are already using an older calendar file with WhizFolders, you can straightaway download the new year 2018 calendar file from the link given at the end.

The hyperlinking features of WhizFolders can be put to good use in a calendar (or events) file where in addition to quickly going to a date’s page, you can go forward, backward by days, weeks, months. You can download such a calendar file for the current year by a download link at the end of this article.

Many uses of this file: You can use this WhizFolder file as a calendar, diary, journal, events, tasks or for any free format note taking related to dates. Further, you can use it with any WhizFolders edition (even the trial). You can feel the power of WhizFolders hyperlinks and free format concept when you start using it. Please look at the tips in the “How to use” topic at the top of the file.

Here is an example of how a calendar file works:

Download: You can download the 2018 year file from the following link. Read the important note on downloading below.


Important note on downloading: Sometimes, the browser downloads and marks the file read only in the file system. In that case, WhizFolders opens it read-only and you can not modify the file. If you see a read-only label in WhizFolders after opening this file, please use Windows Explorer to see the right-click properties of this file and switch off the “read only” flag. Then open the file in WhizFolders again.

The idea for events file originally came from Steve Jarjoura who contributed the event files for earlier years. I am now generating the event file from a small utility that I made up. I have used some new features like icons and Popup links in the new file.

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The initial research for any new adwords campaign can be quite complex. When it comes to Adword Tools, Google has Keyword Planner and Adwords Editor. They are OK but have no features for keeping notes on various activities. Adwords Editor does have a Comment panel now but that does not really help. I use WhizFolders to manage the complexity of keeping notes on Adwords. I wrote an article about it on my Helping Things Blog This is yet another use of WhizFolders as a tool for managing complex information. You can read the article at the following link:

Article: Adword Tool to Manage Complexity

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Using Dropbox to access your notes from many computers

January 30, 2017

Using Dropbox with WhizFolders is the perfect solution to access your notes from many computers. I have edited this article again to make it shorter.
Here is a short introduction to Dropbox that will help you use it with any file application like WhizFolders.

Install Dropbox on all computers where you want to use a note file.
Keep [...]

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Can not insert picture in WhizFolders editor? See this quick solution.

August 18, 2016

If you insert a picture in WhizFolders editor by the Insert menu or by Copy, Paste, it should work automatically. But if you see an Icon instead, it means that some Graphics program set itself up as the Opener for BMP extension.
Here are the steps to fix this problem:
1) Click on the Tab “List of [...]

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Subtle working of the Auto Expand feature

June 29, 2016

There is an Auto Expand feature for the list of Topics that is ON by default. You will find it on the Settings–General–Topic list page. Recently, while answering a support question, I had a chance to ponder over its subtle working. Hence, I decided to write this article. Note that this feature is designed by [...]

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Typed links work differently in Windows 10

June 15, 2016

If you are using WhizFolders on Windows 10 (or on Windows 8), please note that the typed links work differently than on Windows 7.
In Windows 7 the typed link instantly becomes  a link
For example, if you start typing http://whizfolders.com, it becomes a link as soon as you type it. This is because Windows 7 RichEdit [...]

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Update 7.1.5 now available

June 13, 2016

This version fixes some link related problems and adds a new Editor button to clear the formatting.
Link related problems in Windows 10 RichEdit
These problems were related to the link formatting feature in RichEdit that was broken on Windows 10. As a result, it was not possible to type in normal text beyond the inserted links [...]

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All about using fonts in your notes

June 11, 2016

Is there a single place where I can change the font for the notes?
If WhizFolders were a plain text notes application, you could get away with just one font setting. But since it’s a rich text application, you end up using fonts and font settings in many places:

You may use multiple fonts within the rich [...]

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The Reliability Release, version 7.1.4

April 5, 2016

We just released a new version 7.1.4 that improves reliability of data as well as web server services used for activating licenses and informing users of updates. Please read the details below. If you are already using the paid version of WhizFolders 7, you will get the download location of the new version from Updates–Check [...]

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We just recovered from a server failure

February 29, 2016

We had a major problem due to a massive ddos attack on our web server. All the web sites were down for a few days. This stalled all progress on the new version 7.1 that is almost ready for release. We had to put all the efforts into recovering from the attack and to make [...]

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