Typed links work differently in Windows 10

If you are using WhizFolders on Windows 10 (or on Windows 8), please note that the typed links work differently than on Windows 7.

In Windows 7 the typed link instantly becomes  a link

For example, if you start typing http://whizfolders.com, it becomes a link as soon as you type it. This is because Windows 7 RichEdit control supports Auto Typed Links as well as custom links at the same time. WhizFolders uses custom links for its own links to other notes formatted with internal Jump statements.

In Windows 10, you must save a note to convert typed Internet links to real links

Microsoft has changed linking features in the newer RichEdit that comes with Windows 10 and Windows 8. It can do Auto Typed Links or custom links but not both at the same time. This complicates things for us because in WhizFolders there can be custom links as well as typed links. So we had to implement our own solution where we always keep Auto Typed Links OFF in order to support custom links. As a result, when you type Internet links, they are not converted to links as you type. It’s only when you save a note that we go and process these links as well as our own custom links to give you both kinds of links in the editor as well as viewer. To summarize, whenever you see that a link that is supposed to work does not look like a link in the editor due to any typing or changes you made, just save the note and the links will come back.

If you see any problems in this feature, please let us know.